‘Sawarn Bill’ to benefit the lower income group of open caste passed in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha clears 124th Constitution Amendment Bill to give `10 percent reservation for general category in jobs and educational institution to the economically backward section in the general category. The major castes to benefit from the proposed law are Brahmins, Rajputs ( Thakurs), Jats, Marathas, Bhumihars, and among other upper castes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi were present in the House when the bill was passed. After an over four and a half hours of debate, 323 Lok Sabha Members Voted in Support of the bill while only three voted against it. One cannot oppose not supporting the bill which benefits the people of society. There was a celebration among the people when the bill was passed.

The Sawarn bill will be waiting for its approval on Wednesday in Rajya Sabha where proceedings have already been extended by a day. The bill has to be ratified by at half of the state Assemblies if passed but the government said that the bill being an amendment in Fundamental Rights, State Assemblies did not require to ratify it.

The Bill amends Article 15 of the Constitution, by adding a special cause which allows states to make” special provision for the advancement of any economically weaker sections of citizens”.The amendment bill was approved by the Union Cabinet yesterday and becoming the first major and historic bill of the year.

These”special provision” would relate to “their admission to the educational institution, including private educational institutions, whether aided or unaided by the state, other than the minority educational institutions”.

There were a lot of questions and doubt about government’s intention to introduce the bill, but the government clears its opinion over the bill and stand strong in passing the bill.

Sources in the opposition parties said that they have held parleys over their strategy for the Upper House. The Congress and the BJP have both issued a whip asking all their members to be present on Wednesday.

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