Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas All Set For Their Wedding Preparation In Jodhpur .

Pic Courtesy: Rob Kim/Getty Images
Pic Courtesy: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Popular international actor and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra and American Singer Nick Jonas are all set for their wedding preparation in Jodhpur at one of the most prestigious hotel of India Umaid Bhawan Palace on 2nd of December. Marriage function  and rituals will start from 29th November till 2nd December. Their Marriage will take place as per Hindu tradition and rituals and rumors are also there that later she is going to get married as per Christian tradition but their is no such confirmation regarding such rumor have came out .

The rising curiosity of their marriage tradition and rituals have set a different environment and due to which they both Priyanka and Nick often travel to Mumbai and New York repeatedly. On one hand they  started working on the commitment they have given to each other while on the other hand they started preparation for their royal wedding at Jodhpur .

Priyanka and Nick to get married in December at Jodhpur. The preparation of the wedding is at full swing. Celebration of pre marriage wedding rituals  to be conducted in full revelry . In which they both hosted a party at Big Apple cafe on 27th October on sunday with the presence of all their family and friends .

In that party Priyanka Chopra’s close friends and filmmaker Mubina Rattonsey and manager Anjula Acharya were also present, with this  Priyanka’s sister-in-law to be Daniely Jonas, actor and dancer Kelly Ripa, actress Lupita Nyong’o and Priyanka’s staff members and friends were also present . Priyanka had also shared a picture having dinner with his Mother-In-Law to be Danis Jonas at Big Restaurant to all her fans on social media.

Priyanka Chopra to arrive in Delhi to complete the shooting for her upcoming film The Sky Is Pink with co actor Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim in Shonali Bose film. Rumor are trending that Priyanka and Nick to tie  the knot on famous Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur . The wedding rituals will start from 29th December and continues till 2nd December. A four day function starting from Sangeet Ceremony . After their marriage, Priyanka and Nick will have a small vacation trip on 17th December and after that she will switch back to her  work again .

One Thing We Missed In Deepika Padukone’s Wedding dress, Know What Is It.

On 14th  November 2018, two lovebirds of Bollywood and most loved couple took the vows of the lifetime to be Husband and Wife at Nilla Del Barbianello on Lake Como in Italy, which is an extremely private affair with the presence of their family and friends. Their wedding function took place on 14th -15th  November on the same day when their first movie together Ramleela was released and from there, the journey of a lifetime began.

The Couple married in a traditional Konkani ceremony which reportedly took place early morning at 7 am followed by other marriage rituals.

They boom the internet when they release their first wedding pictures in their private social media account from their destination wedding. They both look elegant and adorable in the picture looks like made for each other. Their picture simplifies the beauty of love and togetherness.

When the first picture of Ranveer Singh and Deepika  Padukone from their wedding were out, they just look extremely beautiful and their wedding attire matched with traditional jewelry. They both wear famous wedding designer Sabyasachi, in which Dipika Padukone wore elegant red lehenga with a hidden message in Sanskrit Quote at the border of her dupatta which says “सौभाग्यवती भव” which means long live women’s husband.

How To Make Hot Serve Veggie Nuggets With Your Evening Tea.

Everybody desire of having some crispy and delicious item to be served with an evening tea. You can enjoy delicious and tasty veggie nuggets with your evening tea. Let us know it’s easy recipe on how to make veggie nuggets.


Potato -550 gram (boiled and mashed)

Carrot- 60 grams

Green peas -45 grams

Sweet corn -45 gram

Asparagus -45 gram

Onion – 45 grams

Coriander – 10 gram

Green chili – 1 small tablespoon

Ginger – 1 small tablespoon

Salt – To taste

Black pepper – ½ tablespoon

Oregano – ½ tablespoon

Garlic powder – ½ tablespoon

Lemon juice -1 small tablespoon

Bread crumbs -25 gram

Corn flakes -25 gram

Maize flour paste – bread crumbs for dipping – oil for dipping and frying.


  1.    In a bowl add all the ingredients, maize floor paste and bread crumbs.
  2.    Mix all the ingredients nicely.
  3.    Take a little bit of mixture in hand and try to give the shape of veggies.
  4.    Now dip veggies in the maize floor and then with dip it with bread crumbs.
  5.    In a pan take oil and fry veggies until they turn brown and crispy and put it into a absorbent paper.
  6.    Your veggie nuggets are ready to serve with your evening tea.

38th International Trade Fair In Delhi Has Began

NEW DELHI: 38th International trade fair has begun in Pragati ground, Delhi and it will continue till 27th of November, 2018. Traders from all across the globe will come to participate in trade. Inaugurated on the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal  Nehru by the Minister of Union Commerce and Industry Minister C.R.Chaudhary near hall no.7 on Dhawani Theater with the presence of Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma on the day of inauguration.

This year the theme of the trade is based on “Rural Industries in India”. In which Make In India, Swachh Bharat, Digital India, Kaushal  Bharat, and startup India will be showcased. Jharkhand is the focus state of the trade fair 2018 with Afghanistan being partner nation and Nepal has been kept in focus country other than this China, Hong Kong, Iran, Myanmar, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and United Arab will also take part in fair. This year entry of Pakistan traders has been restricted.

On the fair, “Hunar Haat “ will be organized by Minority Minister which will run till 27th  November. Many artisans, craftsmen, artisans from across the country will participate in the trade fair.


For the first time, The product of Chhattisgarh, Namada and Chinon silk of Jammu and Kashmir will be available.

This year only 20% area of Pragati Ground is utilized for the trade fair.The structure of the fair is quite short as compared to the previous year because govt is trying to develop Pragati ground for International Meetings. Like every year, the first four days from 14th to 17th November will be open for trade visitors. The concept of the fair is focused on the Rural and Small Industries. Fair will be organized in the Hall no. 7,8,9,11,12 &12A. The main theme of the trade fair is showcased in the hall no.7.

First, four days of the trade fair will only open for traders and industrialist. In this four day price of the ticket is Rs.1800 per person and after that from 18th to  27th November fair is open for everyone. Entry passes on the weekend is Rs.120 for adult and Rs.60 for children and on working days the price of the ticket will be Rs.60 for adult and Rs.40 for children. Entrance tickets are available on every metro station except Pragati metro station. Trade fair will be open from morning 9.30 AM till evening 7.30 pm.


Explore Andaman

The Andaman island are an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal .There roughly 300 island are known for their Palm lined ,white sand beaches,mangroves, and tropical rain forests. coral reefs supporting marine life such as sharks and rays make for popular diving and snorkeling sites. The Andaman is divided into three parts north Andaman, Middle Andaman, and South Andaman. Let us know to discover each and every part of Andaman.

Starting from it is the northern island of great Andaman of the Andaman island. The island is lying 137 km(85 mi)north from Port Blair which is part of Indian Union territory. The island main town is a Diglipur It previously had an indigenous population of the Great Andamanese. The highest point of the island is the saddle peak at 738 meters. North Andaman has a fairly frequent larger earthquake. The island is part of Diglipur Taluk. one  can visit north Andaman by a small port of Durgapur, 6 km (4 mi) north of Diglipur, with regular service from Port Blair. It’s known for its marine life. The islands main industries are rice and Orange growing.

A sandy beach of Andaman dreamland beach is situated on Ramnagar with the blue lagoon. It also includes a small town know as Mayabunder a nesting ground of turtles and it also has a public college named Mahatma Gandhi government college.

Middle Andaman

Part of Mayabunder and Rangat tehsils . its population consists of Bengali, Tamil, and Keralite settlers. The island is home to many Jarawa people .it’s main occupation is farming and agriculture.
The island host immaculate waterfalls and pretty beaches. Adventurous fun such as island camping, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other exciting water sports offer you a chance to indulge in real pleasure.

It has two main towns Rangat which has pretty beaches and waterfall and Mayabunder a nesting ground of turtles. South Asia only volcanoes known as Barren island are located in the Andaman sea, dominated by barren volcanoes, the confirmed active volcano in South Asia and the only active volcano along a chain of volcanoes from Sumatra to Myanmar.

South Andaman

It is the location of Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar island .it is the third largest in the island group other big cities are bamboo frat, Prothrapur, and Garacharma.

Baratang Island

This is one of the best parts of your trip to Andaman belonging to the north and middle Andaman administrative district .the island is 150 km north of Port Blair. It another name is Ranchi Wales island. It contains the only known mud volcanoes. The mud volcanoes have erupted sporadically. There are other volcanoes in the area, the barren island volcano only active volcano in India and the Narcondam volcano which is considered to be potentially strong. It is part of Rangat taluk .one can reach the island by the Andaman trunk road to Rangat and Mayabunder with ferry crosses “bamboo trickery” jetty and “Nilamber jetty”.
The major attraction is the limestone caves, the mud volcanoes, parrot island, and Baludera beach.

Beach: Baludra beach, Merk bay beach.

Havelock Island

Havelock island is part of Ritchie’s archipelago, in India’s Andaman island known for its dive sites and beaches like elephant beach with its coral reef .crescent shaped Radhanagar beach is a popular spot for watching the sunset .on the islands east side rocky section mark long tree-lined Vijaynagar beach. Radha Nagar beach is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock .one can reach there from port Blair by government-operated ferries and private cruises .helicopter services is also available.

Beach: Radhanagar beach, elephant beach, Vijaynagar beach, Kalapathar beach.

North Sentinel Island

The island is home of Sentinelese who often violently reject any contact with the outside world .surrounded by coral reefs and lacks natural harbors.

Neil island

The island belongs to Ritchie’s archipelago and is located between Havelock and rose island. it is part of Neil Kendra panchayat of port Blair talk. There is private cruise ships such as Makuzz and coastal cruises. There are a handful of a restaurant and basic beach hotels that cater to international and domestic tourists.

Beach: laxmanpur ,sitapur ,bharatpur.

Port Blair

It is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar island. port Blair is connected with mainland India by both air and sea. It is the home to several museums and a major naval base INS JARAWA of the Indian navy. It is also famous for the historic cellular jail and other small islands like Corbyn’s cove, wander, ross and viper island etc

Beaches; Corbyn’s cove, wander beach.

Ross Island
The island is situated 3 km(2 mi ) east from downtown port Blair. named after the marine surveyor Capitan daniel ross, the island soon became the base. Ross island has thick forests, spotted deer and peacocks are mostly found on the island and the island is full of palm and coconut trees. In ross island, no civilian settlement is allowed by the authorities.

Beaches: sandbar between ross & smith island.

Little Andaman

Little Andaman has white sandy beaches and bewitching waterfalls. The low lying island had widespread rainforest and several rare species of marine turtle. It was separated from Rutland archipelago in great Andaman by the Duncan passage. It is a counterpart of the great Andaman group.ITS lighthouse aka Richardson lighthouse is located 14 km south by road from Hutbay sport and is situated on the southern tip of Little Andaman island. It is home of Onge aboriginal tribe, who call the island Egu belong hut bay wharf, a deep-water wharf that can be approached through a gap in the coral reef, on the east coast of the island is the entry point of little Andaman island.

Little Andaman offers surfing, boating through creeks, elephant safari, elephant lumbering, and Elephanta caves training. it has more than 30 elephant safari through the jungle near the white surf waterfall.ANIFPDCL ha a build a guest house and tourists huts on the beach. coral can be seen on the nearby areas .white surf waterfall in the midst of the evergreen rainforests is 6.5 km from the hut bay jetty. The waterfall is 20-25 m high and there is small bamboo grass all around


Banana boat rides
Six people can ride these banana-shaped boats and people are tied behind a speedboat to gain rush. This boat is safe as life jackets and an instructor is always sent along on the trips.

Enjoy the amazing experience of snorkeling in Andaman island as the colorful reefs of Havelock island shimmer through goggles. Explore the underwater marine life and enjoy one of the best water activities in Andaman at the north bay island.

Scuba diving
There are numerous scuba diving centers in Andaman from where you can get your PADI certificate and no, you don’t have to know swimming for that.

Another water sports in Andaman that nonswimmers can enjoy in Andaman you are tied behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute. It is a combination of water and air-borne. It’s a great fun to enjoy parasailing in Andaman.

Undersea walking

In undersea walking, you get to walk on the smooth and clean sand of the sea floor with the helmet which offers a close-up view of the underwater world without any hassle and it is one of the most popular sport in Andaman island.


These seaplanes carry passengers at a time and fly between Portblair and Havelock island and it is the first place in India to recently to introduce commercial seaplanes.

Other water sports to enjoy in Andaman are jet skinning, speed boating, sport fishing, and glass bottom boating.

How to reach there

You can reach them by two way in Portblair capital of Andaman & Nicobar island either by sea or by air.
Direct flights to Portblair from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai , Bangalore and some flights from Vishakapatnam on certain days.
The whole journey by ship between Chennai and Kolkata to Portblair and vice versa while only one sail from Visakhapatnam.IT takes around 50 60 hours. At Portblair , the ships for three to four days.

Best time to visit

Weather in Andaman is good throughout the year with summer hitting up to 35 degrees and winter getting down to 15 degrees,however, October and may is more pleasant to visit the condition moderate climate.

Diwali Festival of Happiness

Diwali is festival of happiness and a mark of new beginning .we celebrate this festival to honour lord Rama-chandra and mata sita on their return to home ayodhya after 14 years of exile given by lord rama step mother ,during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king ,Ravana .The hindus worship lord ganesha and goddess lakshmi during diwali for prosperity and new beginning .

Diwali is celebrated all across world by hindu ,sikh and jain .The festival ,is the mark of new year and triumph of good over evil and light over darkness .To overcome the darkness people lights lamp known diya all over the place to remove darkness ,that is why diwali also known as Deepawali festival of lights and worship. Diwali is a five day festival celebrated all across world starting in october or november each year depending on the cycle of moon it is celebrated in the 15th day of the holiest month of hindu calendar kartik, In 2018, diwali is on november 7 .

For many indians ,diwali honours lakshmi ,the goddess of wealth .some folks also worship devi saraswati on diwali ,as pursuing of education.people start new business year at diwali ,and some hindus will say prayers to the goddess for successful year .people Clean the house and business premises thoroughly before the first Diwali day, or the Dhanteras. Make the entrance way to your home or business colourful using the traditional motifs of Rangoli designs. It is also important to worship lord ganesha with goddess laxmi . on the day of diwali people also buy stock and stock market are open on account of muhurat trading for a time of 1 hour .

Before the beginning of diwali people starts cleaning their home and workplace to worship goddess parvati and lord ganesha because it is saying that laxmi only visit place which clean and neat . They also prepare different types of sweets or they particularly buy from market and to each other as diwali greeting and beginning of new year .

As diwali is the victory of good over evil , people light oil lamps all over their home and workplace to overcome the darkness for five days . People decorate home and workplace with beautiful lightings Make the entrance way to your home or business colourful using the traditional motifs of Rangoli designs.Try different types of Rangoli. .Light lamps every night during the festival.Burn different types of crackers as it is children’s favourite part of diwali . people buy new clothes on diwali ,buy sweets ,gold as buying gold or silver on dhanteras or diwali is sign of goodness .

Festival of diwali starts with dhanteras days of fortune in which people worship lord ganesha and goddess lakshmi for prosperity and wealth .second day of diwali is celebrated as Two Naraka Chaturdasi day of knowledge on this people honours saraswati ,goddess of knowledge and wisdom as education is equally important in life .Third day is celebrated as diwali ,the day of light and joy and the victory of good over evil .Fourth day embarks the beginning of new year known as annakut on this people grant sweet to each other for wellness and prosperity . At last , the festival ends with bhai duj day of love between siblings .

diwali infographic

Loan Up To Rs. 1 Crore For All MSME Traders In Just 59 Minutes

Now applying for the loan has become more easy and convenient for all MSME traders and the one who wishes to start a new business in just 59 minutes you can avail a loan for up to INR.1 crore starting from INR 20 lakhs in a hassle-free way at click on government recognized portal psbloansin59minutes. An initiative by Prime Minister OF India Shri. Narendra Modi, which is a Historic support and Outreach Initiative for MSME sector to revolutionize in Ease Of Doing Business for all small trader.

PM. Narendra Modi also unveils 12 key initiatives for growth and expansion in Ease of Doing Business and also mention the rise of Ease of Doing Business Ranking from 142 to 77 in 4 years with the major announcement for the betterment of MSMEs sector.

There are 5 key aspects of facilitating the MSMEs factor. This includes access to credit, access to the market, technology up gradation, ease of doing business and sense of security of employees in New India where one didn’t need to regularly visit Bank repeatedly said by Finance Minister Ms. Arun Jateily.

The major announcement made by the Prime Minister on Access to Credit was launching 59 minutes loan portal in easy access to credit for all MSMEs traders. An in-principal approval will be granted through this portal in just 59 minutes without paying an extra charge of Registration. Link to the portal is available on GST portal. The platform is directly connected to CGTMSE scheme.

On his second announcement, he mentions 2% interest subvention for all GST registered MSMEs and increase in an interest rebate from 3% to 5% for all exporters who receive a loan in the pre-shipment and post-shipment period.


The third announcement made was for all companies with the turnover of more than 500 crores to be compulsory brought under Trade Receivables e-Discounting System (TReDS) which will resolve the problem of cash cycle by easy access to credit from the bank for their upcoming Receivables.

No registration fee required to apply for loan anyone can easily apply for the loan in just 59 minutes. For existence Business Borrower should be GST, IT complain and must have six months Bank statement Facility. Eligibility to the loan is determined by the Income/Revenue, Repayment capacity, Existing Credit Facilities and any other factors as set by lenders.

In- Approval receipt would be generated in 59 minutes after successful registration into the portal and uploading necessary documentation as required to access to credit which includes GST Identification number, Income Return in XML format, Bank statement for last six months in pdf format and Director/owner details: Basic, Personal, Educational and ownership details and after successful registration  in-approval receipt will be generated in 59 minutes and after successful verification of document loan will granted within 5-7 working days  from any selected partner Bank as chosen by you during registration at a Rate of interest starting from 8%onwards .

No Collateral required to access the loan, anybody can access to credit under CGTMSE scheme. Link to the portal is available on MSME samadhan, GST portal, Aadhar, Gem – Government e-marketplace, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna, and Udyami Mitra-Empowering MSME. The loan can be avail from any partner bank they wish to avail from.



Badhaai Ho Movie Review

The Family Fun movie  Drama Revolving Around Awkward Situation Happening In The Family . #Badhaai Ho


Badhaai HoDirector :  Amit Sharma

Cast :  Ayushmann khurrana , Sana Malhotra , Neena Gupta , Gajraj Rao

Rating : 3.5/5

Badhaai Ho running successfully in cinema theatre with having different and unique storyline never seen before in any bollywood films ever before. The storyline of the movie is new and refreshing and family based comedy one must go and watch. The movie highlights on the awkward situation happening in the family and how they tackle that situation. Starring  Ayushmann khurana in a lead role and Sana Malhotra as a leading actress.

Directed by Amit Sharma , Badhaai Ho , is a funny film about family and about how their family deal with the awkward situation happening in the house and the way they break the barriers of the society. The movie showed mid-age romance which brings them to an awkward situation they deal with.

The  location of the movie is shot  in Delhi where the Kaushik’s family stay in a government allotted Housing and suddenly One Night, Priyananda  gets ill and rush to hospital for checkup where nakul is also present unkown about the fact that his mother is pregnant . Later doctor tells to Jitendra  , Priyananda’s Husband that she is pregnant which leaves them to shock and then Priananda decide to keep the baby despite knowing about the fact that how society would react to this .

When Jitender, tells his children about their mother being pregnant at this age leaves them to frustration and anger and gets irritated by the situation happening in the family  due to which they stop talking to their parents .Priyananda is too middle aged women,having two sons Nakul ,who is working at company and other son who is giving his 10th board .It’s becames very hard for them to deal with this situation about their mother getting pregnant at middle-age .

Nakul gets frustrated with the situation happening in the family and due to which he don’t talk  to his mom and dad and try to avoid situation by spending most of time in offices because he is unable to handle the situation happening in the house  due to which he and his brother don’t even attend his cousins wedding. The films tell us importance of having safe sex.

The screenplay of the movie is good, things goes as expected . The dialogue delivery is good and specially Badhaiyaan Tenu songs which has a good lyrics . Sanya Malhotra played well in the movie .  she is collogue as well as girlfriend of Nakul where there share some bed scene together , she laughs at him for something he said and having an unusual fight for some reasons which parts them away for sometime .

Badhaai Ho has refreshing story about the parent’s. Movie belongs to Neena Gupta as priyananda  , has two children and stays with his husband Jitender , a ticket examiner on the Northern Railways  who writes short poems . On his return to his home he tells her about her poem getting published in magazine and read the poem to her which makes the situation romantic and that later turns them into a drastic situation  and accepted her with all his heart and accepted the situation they go through just like an hero.

Mary-go-round In China With Real Horses Against Electric Powered Ones

Mary-go-round In China

Once in a childhood everybody had experienced sitting on the carousel ride or Mary-go-round ride where one has to seat on the artificial horses and it would revolve around a Whole Circle for a minute and it was fun-loving ride to enjoy, as China had always known for designing creative things but this time China has created a very different thing with real horses and that is Mary-go-round with real horses and have left many on social media funning.

Mary-go-round In China

This carousel ride was installed in a shopping center in China for fun and Entertainment at Shuangliu Wanda Plaza in Chengdu back in September.


The horses walk on the carousel for every four hours a day and trainers are present during the time. A   single ride on carousel cost up to 50 yuan (approximately Rs 500) for every four-minute ride. Many photos and the videos of the ride are getting popular on the internet, where some people are not happy with such ride that uses the real animal for their personal benefit but the trainers of horses say that horses are just having an exercise and Horses are changed every one-two hour.

There is no certain law preventing the use of animals as part of amusement rides in China so it is valid there to use horses for rides but somewhere its cruelty on the part of horses that they are treated like this for the real satisfaction of the ride and internet is bursting its anger on such ride.

Women experienced the ride said that Ride is cheap and enjoying as you have to pay 10-50 Yuan and with that you can also see the real horse and have fun. For what so ever purpose it is wrong on the fact of horses as their maltreated in any way be it for exercising purpose or some other purpose.

Social media sites are arousing their anger and frustration on such ride even if such thing is being legal to do in China but every creature in this planet should live their life the way they want to live and not the way how others want them to live. It’s a very shameful act by using real horses against electric-powered ones for their entertainment and own benefit.

What do you think about such ride give us your review?