The Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern

An Inside Bar Is two Candlestick, the first one is called the mother candle, it is big and large, and the second one is smaller and is located inside of the Mother Bar. 

What Is an Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern?
Inside the bar at tops and at the bottom, as we can see, the second small bar is completely contained by the first one which is the opposite of the engulfing bar pattern. It is also seen as a reversal pattern, coz it indicates that the market trend is likely to change especially when it is located at the top or bottom. Continuation Signal in a strong trending market and in a bull market represents a bullish continuation signal about 52% of the time and a bullish abandoned baby as we called it, is considered a bullish reversal pattern 70% of the time in a bull market and 55% in a bear market.

The Psychology behind the pattern formation;

Indicate a period of Consolidation, In the case of a bullish trend, it reflects that the bulls are not Buying any further on the second day, it is represented by a small black Candle on the second day, after a strong uptrend. And in the case of a bearish trend, it means that sellers are not in control of the market anymore, it is reflected by a small black candle after a strong downtrend. 

How to trade the Inside Bar Candlestick pattern?

Inside Bar can be traded successfully in trending markets. The formation of this price pattern provides you with a great opportunity to join the big move. You have identified a strong trend and wait for the formation of an inside bar in line with the direction of the market.The formation of this pattern indicate that the market pauses before its making the next big move; this will allow you to enter the market at the right time and make big profits. 

How To Trade the Inside  Bar Breakout With Support or Resistance 

If Sellers overcome buyers, they will push the price below the support level. Some buyers will feel afraid to lose money because they see that the support level is broken, so they will get out and sell the market again to cover the Loss. Other participants will notice that sellers are in control of the Market, they will decide to sell the market and help the bears push the price down.

As a trader, if you have enough knowledge about support and resistance levels, when you open your chart, you will notice that the support level is broken, and the bears are in control of the market, this is a good selling opportunity, right? But the question is, what is the right time to enter the market?

Inside Bar is the most reliable price action signal that will give you the right time to enter the market and make a big profit. 

Tips on Trading the Inside Bar Price Action Setups

  1. Trade the bigger time frame. Stick with trading signals in bigger time frames such as the daily and 4-hour time frames. Trading these setups on a lower time frame will increase your chance to overtrade the market and take low probability price action signals. If you follow bigger time Frames, this will allow you to set and forget your trade instead of being emotionally controlled by the market.
  2. Trade the dominant Trend 

 One should start trading Inside Bars in line with the direction of the market, especially in a strong bullish or bearish trend, but don’t ever try to trade it against the trend if you are a newbie. When you feel like you have mastered trading this pattern with the trend, you can move to trade range-bound market and Counter trends.

  1. Trade only from key levels 

Remember that not all Inside bars are worth trading your hard-earned money; there are specific locations where this setup works great, so make sure that your signal is located at a key level in the market.

  1. Find Different Factors of Confluence 

Trading with confluence means combining different signals to make the best trading decision. 

How to Trade a false breakout of the Inside Bar Candlestick Pattern?

Bank & Financial markets know how we trade the market, they know how we think and where we put our stop losses and targets, this is the reason they could easily make money from us. One of the most famous strategies that big players use to take money from novice traders is called stop loss hunting strategy.

This Strategy consists of driving prices to a certain level where there are massive stop-loss orders and the purpose is to create liquidity, because without liquidity the market will not move. Once stop losses are hunted, the market goes strongly in the predicted direction.

The interaction between big participants and novice traders creates a repetitive pattern in the market, one of the most important candlestick patterns that illustrates how big financial institutions manipulate the market is the inside bar and false breakout pattern. 

This price action signal is formed when the price breaks the inside bar pattern and then quickly reverses to close within the range of the mother bar.

Inside Bar False Breakout Trading Examples 

Support and Resistance level, and Supply and demand areas.

Fibonacci Retracement levels, particularly, the 50% and 61% retracement levels.

21 moving averages and trend lines in trending markets.

Horizontal levels in range Bound Market.

 Trading Inside Bar False breakout with Fibonacci retracement 

           What you have to know is that in an uptrend or a downtrend, the market creates impulsive moves and pullback. The Best Fibonacci retracement levels that we should use are 50% and 61% levels. In my experience, these levels are the most important pullback level in the market. If the pullback reaches 50% or 61% levels, we just need a price action signal to confirm our entry. Fibonacci tools can be used to trade pin bars and the engulfing bar setups. The benefit of trading the false breakout of the inside bar candlestick pattern. 

If you master this pattern, this will allow you to stay away from trapped traders and enter the market when novice traders have to get out with loss. 

Money Management Strategies 

Now you have the strategies, you know how to analyze the market, you know when to buy and when to sell and when to exit, You also know when to stay away from the Market. 

102 years old Awarded as Padma shri for popularizing organic faming

Meet a 102 years old R.Pappammal an organic farmer from Thekkampatti Village near Coimbatore who won Padma Shri in the field of agriculture for popularizing organic farming.  She has given numerous interviews ever since she won the Padma Shri award. Pappammal comes from a generation of farmers who believe in hard work themselves. She works non-stop at this age with her full heart. 

Pappammal is from a family of agriculturists who own a 2.5 acre farm in her village, who had previously grown lentils, such as horse gram and green gram. Now, she mostly grows bananas. She had also worked closely with Tamil Nadu Agriculturalists University. She would travel all alone to meet farmer’s and implement all that she learned.

She started learning about organic farming when she visited a meeting. Her method soon got popular after she learned that chemicals that we used on our crops are harmful to the soil. Many universities send their students on field to learn from her as part of a “ village stay programme”. Pappammal also got invitations from many universities to visit farms they recommended. She would travel alone all her way to visit the farm. She travelled several cities for farmers to meet them and  also shared what she knew with them. 

 Pappammal is probably the only woman farmer and soon this great grandmother became a local celebrity who is fearless and dedicated towards his work and passion. 

Hillarious Shower Hacks you don’t want to miss

We all love to have a shower bath and when your having a bath in the shower one doesn’t feel like coming out of it, it’s just give a different pleasure and happiness having a bath under the shower. Today almost every bathroom has shower fittings and they come in a very different design and variety but what if your bathroom doesn’t have a shower and you’re curious to bath under a shower here are some pictures for you from the life hacks that show people can do anything to fulfill their desire to have bath under the shower.

  1. Just Make Small Holes at the bottom of the bottle and you are ready with your brand new shower

Desi Jugaad for shower
The Fruitfull experience
The Hot shower bath
The Hot candle shower bath

REALME X2 announces its launch date in India

Realme X2 to be launched in India on 17th December. Previously it was assumed that realme XT 730G used to launch in India but now the device is going to launch in as Realme X2. This information came to know about when Flipkart releases its new treasure for the launch. Rebranded version of Realme XT 730G has already been launch in China as Realme X2.

Flipkart Can be the official Sale partner for Realme X2 for this Flipkart has also notified about this on its website. According to Flipkart treasure Realme, X2 will be available in the Avacado Green color variant and apart from this it will also available in Pearl Blue and pearl white color. 

The smartphone would also be launch in Star War Edition. The CEO of Realme India Madhav Sheth has retweeted the poster of Star wars: the rise of Skywalker. The phone has Star wars logo on the back of its gradient finish cover.


 Realme X2 comes with a 6.5” inch screen size with 64+13+8+2[16mp] camera and memory of 64GB/6GB with 4000mah battery. It also comes in a different color variant and sizes starting at just Rs.29999. It comes with a gaming-focused feature for better performance and experience.

Consumers on or before December 16 can Rs.1000 and get a chance to purchase Realme X2 and as a part of marketing strategy, they will also get 500 discounts on clearing their bill an initiative to boost sales.

Apart from the beauty of Greece, it’s Unique Island will drive you crazy

Greece is one of the most beautiful and ancient country in the world. Not only the island here but its also famous for its ancient culture and modern society attract the tourist here to come from all over the world. The Island of Greece adjacent to the beach has some different feeling which rarely you will get to see anywhere in the world. Even if you plan to go this Season somewhere, then this place is perfect for you because of its experience will prove memorable and unique for you.

Beautiful Island Of Greece 

This island dropped from these beautiful hills is one of the most beautiful islands. You will be surprised to see the beauty of Solomon Chowk here. This island is surrounded by traditional and bow-shaped windows on all sides.


Tourists often come on this island to relax and forget all their tension by coming here. It is the largest island of Greece’s 12th decolonize island.  The island’s Gate of feeds is its special identity. Apart from this, seeing the palace of the master is the oldest here that will make you remind of the old days here.

Art and Culture 

Every street of Greece, walls, and roads tells their history. Tourists Come from all over the world to see Museums and ancient buildings from here. Apart from this, you can see here the pre-historic period to kingdoms of the Kickclassical, Hellenistic, Medival and byzantine of the old kings.

The wonderful taste of Food

Along with wandering, you can also taste great fun and food from here, which you will never forget. Cozine is one of the most famous dish here. The Speciality of the food here is its herbs, spices and olive oil. Here you will like healthy fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat, seafood and world-famous foods. 

Mesmerising Heartwarming Sea-beach

In this small city surrounded by water all around you will get see many beaches over here, which makes everyone crazy. Beautiful mountains, rich eco-system, rivers and lakes together represent a very beautiful view. Along with enjoying the luxuries atmosphere, you can also taste the activity and local flavours here.


This beautiful island of Greece has a place in world heritage. On this island, you will get to see an excellent specimen of architecture is seen. Specimen of arts can also also be seen on the buildings here. The narrow streets here and looking at the sea you will not let you go from here.

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Few things women need to take care of while doing hair spa to avoid hair from drying

Every woman dreams to have long, smooth and shiny hair and to maintain that hair women often go for a hair spa to repair and maintain their hair. Hair spa treatment is done keeping in mind the type of hair. Experts will tell you about your hair and what type of hair treatment you should go for to repair your damaged hair but hair spa is not only an option for the hair repair you need but you need to follow some tips after you do your spa otherwise it will not take much time to damage your hair. Let us know what care needs to be taken after you do your hair spa.

What do you need to do after a hair spa?

  1. No direct use of Shampoo: Avoid applying direct shampoo to your before or after your hair spa what you can do is mix your shampoo with water and let it dilute for some time this will not harm your hair.

2. Do not stop oiling your hair:  Most of the time women stop applying oil to their hair after their hair spa but to keep your hair soft and smooth it’s very important to apply oil on your hair after you do your hair spa.

3. Protect your hair from sunlight and pollution: When you step out of your home try to protect your hair from sunlight and pollution. For these, you can cover your hair with a scarf or wear a hat whenever you go outside.

4. Condition your hair: After you have done with your hair spa do not forget to conditioner your hair, as conditioner helps to maintain the effect of hair spa for a longer period of time and it also helps in keeping the hair shiny and smooth and also do not forget to use hair serum after you do conditioner.

What not to do after your hair spa?

  1. No doubt it is important to condition your hair but only do it after 2 or 3 days of hair spa.

2. Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days after your hair spa keeps it away from getting wet. Deep conditioning is done in your hair, in that case, if you will directly wash your hair this will remove the moisturization from your hair and you will not benefit anything from hair spa.

3. Avoid using chemicals, coloring or highlighting your hair and also do not go for any treatment on your hair. 

4. Wash your hair only with cold water and do not take a hot shower after your hair spa these will damage your hair and also will dry your hair. Hot showers will affect the moisture of your hair and will eliminate the benefit of a hair spa.

5. Wash your hair only with cold water and do not take a hot shower after your hair spa these will damage your hair and also will dry your hair. Hot showers will affect the moisture of your hair and will eliminate the benefit of a hair spa.

This year light up your Diwali with Green Cracker

Ministry of Health and Science and Technology and Earth Harsh Vardhan on Saturday launched green crackers with 30 percent less emission producing the same level of Light and sound effects of traditional fireworks and are available at the same rate as the previous traditional ones, some of them even cheaper.

Eco-friendly green crackers have been developed by Scientists at CSIR lab to Curb pollution during festive seasons like Diwali and the same have been approved by the Petroleum and Safety Organisation (PESO).  Components in the firework with others that are “less dangerous” and “less harmful” to the atmosphere.

“Green Crackers” has been successfully tested by some manufacturers in Sivakasi in Tamil Naidu, a hub for fireworks industries. Recently 230 manufacturers have signed the Memorandum of understanding for using the formulations developed by CSIR Scientists. Of them,165 have gone further and signed have also entered into a non-disclosure agreement.

The court had passed the order after the Center have suggested that the emission level in the Crackers could be reduced by changing the Chemical Composition level in the Crackers that can create the same level of light and sound as it was in traditional Crackers with affecting the environment.

A green logo as well as quick response (QR) coding have been developed for differentiating of green crackers from conventional crackers. QR code is displayed is a novel feature incorporated on the fire cracker to avoid manufacture and sale of counterfeit product that will help them to track green cracker using smartphones and other devices.  

A helpline has been created for any queries related to emission certificates, QR Codes and formulations. The helpline is available at: +918617770964 and +919049598046, or email at:

Bank Strike for Two Days On Sept 26-27 to protest Government Merger plan

 Four bank unions – All India Bank Officers Confederation, the All India Bank Officers Association, The Indian National Bank Officers Congress and The National Organisation of Bank Officers – have called for a strike from September 26 to 27 to protest against the merger of 10 state-run banks into four bigger banks.

The Bank Unions have announced the strike on 26-27th Sept i.e on Thursday and Friday and the next day would also be a bank holiday  as it is a Fourth Saturday of the Month and Sunday in anyways is a Bank holiday so bank would be closed for 4 Consecutive days that may affect the normal business as said by SBI.

The Government On August 30 announced to bring down the total number of PSBs to 12 from 19 in 2017 to make them global sized banks. The following would be merged as per the plan. Union Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce to be merged with Punjab National Bank making it second largest PSBs. 

While Syndicate Bank is to be merged with Canara bank, Allahabad Bank Merging with Indian Bank and Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank will amalgamate with the Union Bank of India. 

The  Closure of the bank for 4 consecutive days will not only affect General Public will also have an adverse effect on trade and industry. The strike by the Bank Unions at this crucial point where the economy is slowdown is ill-timed and Unpatriotic.

FKCCI Strongly oppose the strike and appealed bankers to defer the all-India strike Schedule on 26th and 27th September in the interest of the Nation. Not only Cheque Clearance but ATM service too might get affected because of the strike. On the contrary, the service charges imposed on customers for various services, including non-maintenance of minimum balances, ATM transactions etc have sky-rocketed. Common man of the country is put to inconvenience,” the strike notice said.

Cat filter setting accidentally switched on by mistakes on Pakistani Minister’s Live press conference

A cat filter on a live stream of Shaukat Yousafzai on facebook gave him ears and whiskers
A cat filter on a live stream of Shaukat Yousafzai on facebook gave him ears and whiskers

A Pakistani Politician’s Shaukat Yousafzai was briefing journalist in a live-streamed press conference when accidentally Cat filter setting was switched on by mistake.

Facebook Users watching the live-streamed press conference on the gaffe, but Mr. Yousafzai carried on unaware of his feline features.

He later said it was a “Mistake” that should not be taken “so seriously”. As Mr. Yousafzai spoke, the comic filter superimposed pink ears and whiskers on his face, and that of other officials sitting beside him.

The video, posted to the official Facebook page of the Tehreek-e-insaaf (PTI) party, was deleted minutes after the press conference. The blunder was blamed on “human error” by the party, which runs the Khyber Pakhtunkwala province in north-west Pakistan. Later on the video was removed on social media but unfortunately for Mr. Yousafzai, the cat was already out of the bag.

Mr. Yousafzai also told AFP news agency, ” I wasn’t the only one- two officials sitting along were also hit by the Cat filter”. Screen grabs of the live stream have been shared widely on Social Media, much to the humiliation of Mr. Yousafzai and his colleagues.

Couples breaks the Stereotype of Society by performing Simple Nikah Marriage Ceremony

Marriage not only brings two people or two families together but it takes months and years to prepare for marriage and matter of the heavy expense. A small mistake in Marriage can ruin the whole thing and can worsen the situation. Everything has to be taken into consideration from guest list to food to make the marriage successful.

The couple breaks the so called stereotypes of the society by performing a simple marriage

The picture is taken almost an hour after their Nikah where only parents and a few friends were invited. On 19th May 2018, the couple got married where only family and few friends were invited and after the Nikah, the couple dropped parents back home and drove to Nathiya Galli for a short honeymoon.

The couple got back home on Sunday evening and both went to work on Monday. For Walima, they distributed food at Edhi center. As we can see from the picture the couple has been so simple with no Jewelry, no heavy Makeup, no expensive cloth to perform the nikah, No marriage ritual and dance.

This is how a simple marriage should look like not what we see making yourself happy then carrying about the happiness of those who don’t bother to us. The couple set an example of how a simple marriage looks like no rasam o riwaj just the happiness of two couple and parents is what matters the most. Proudly breaking Stereotypes of society.

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