Let us salute Dr. Omkar Hota for carrying Bleeding Pregnant Lady on Cot for 10 Km

Odisha Dr. Hota carrying bleeding pregnant women on cart for distance of 10 km

Dr. Omkar Hota is one of the best examples why doctors are said to be God in these world for carrying a bleeding pregnant lady on a cot for 10 km in Odisha, which is a gesture of kindness and Humane.

Dr. Omkar Hota instantly rushes when he received this information about a pregnant tribal lady named Subhama Marse and as due to lack of transport facility the doctor has to himself carry this tribal lady on the cot for a distance of 10 km on foot.

Odisha doctor almost gave her full heart out to save these tribal pregnant women and blessed with a baby boy. Dr. Hota fulfills his responsibility as a doctor towards its patients for saving the life of women and child in the most heroic way and he rushed to the Public Health Centre (PHC) to admit the Woman. It wasn’t an easy job for Doctor to walk through the jungles shouldering the patient but the doctor made it

No doctor has spent more than a day to work at the Heath center because of Mosquitoes and Militants concerns. Very few patients would have come for treatment at PHC because of the above reason. On being asked Dr. Hota said that,” When I came here, I found that very few patients would come to the hospital.”

Dr. Hota appreciated for his selfless service by Odisha CM

According to Dr. Hota, This is not the first case where he carried the patient to the hospital. “There have been cases of poisoning in the jungle where the patient has to be rushed immediately to the hospital. Or take the cases of the old and elderly for that matter, it is simply not possible for them to walk through the Jungles,” he told Outlook magazine.

Dr. Hota was appreciated for his selfless service by the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik at an event organized last year. The award was introduced in the name of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das, another person who is a symbol of Sacrifice and selfless service. Even actress Kareena Kapoor Khan felicitated Dr.Hota’s work at an event organized by UNICEF.

‘Amul Camel Milk’ to be launched in the selected market of Gujarat

the milk will available in a 500 ml PET bottle and is priced at Rs 50
The camel milk will available in a 500 ml PET bottle and is priced at Rs 50

On Tuesday, owner of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd announced the launch of the Camel Milk to be branded as ‘Amul Camel Milk’ on a selected market of Gujarat.

Amul Camel Milk will be available in Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar, and Kutch of Gujarat. As per the sources, the milk will available in a 500 ml PET bottle and is priced at Rs 50.

The purpose behind launching Camel milk is to benefit those having dairy allergies as it contains no allergens, the statement said. Camel milk is healthier and less allergenic as compared to other dairy products.

According to the official press release, “Camel milk is easy to digest and healthy milk with numerous benefits, most prominent of which is that the milk is high in an insulin-like Protein, making it beneficial for the diabetic person.”

Amul already has Camel milk chocolate available in the market for over a year now. The milk requires to be refrigerated and could be preserved three days.